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Yep, that’s our mission!

Data centers are an indispensable part of the digital infrastructure, locally, nationally and internationally. Continuity has traditionally been top priority – the data center should never be ‘off’. Since WCooliT was founded in 2011 – and for individual employees well before this time – it’s focus was on “the next-important priority”, energy efficiency. That was not obvious at the time, as energy costs are relatively small on the total ICT budget. In business models of customers, operators and owners of data centers, energy efficiency was not really taken into account, except when constructing or refurbishing data centers, where efficiency of process and equipment – for cooling in particular – is an easy gain.

Now, induced by climate change and limits on availability of electrical power, large energy consumers are high on the agenda of public opinion and politics and, as a result, also high on the agenda of data centers themselves.

In WCooliT’s vision, “maximum energy efficiency and sustainability” involves all aspects of the data center and is not limited to energy efficiency of only equipment.

WCooliT envisions an ideal energy efficient and sustainable data center, in which

  • Prevention of unnecessary energy consumption comes first and reuse of residual heat is next.
  • Temperature management at the data room is under control, such that:
    • The supply air flow temperature set point can be high enough to enable maximum duration of use of outside air temperatures or other form of free cooling
    • The temperature difference between supply and return air flow is at maximum, enabling maximum overall energy efficiency of the entire cooling process.
    • The room is operated with minimal airflow.
  • The cooling process is designed in such a way that it dynamically responds to the climatic conditions outside and the temperature, air and (de)humidity requirements in the data room. These requirements are not “fixed”, but are defined in limits, enabling most energy efficient set point being realized at all times.
  • Scalability is taken into account in such a way that energy efficiency fluctuates minimally with different IT loads and is not only at optimum with maximum IT load.
  • The residual heat is made available for reuse, possibly after first being upgraded.
  • A business model is used, in which the data center does not just profits from energy used by customers, but where data center and customer both benefit from the lowest possible energy consumption.
  • “Over-reservation” of the electricity grid is as small as possible, so that its capacity can be distributed most efficient among all grid users.
  • Electricity with no/low greenhouse gas footprint is used.

These principles off course also apply to other forms of cooling.

WCooliT solutions are based on:

knowledge, innovation, sharing knowledge, demonstrating solutions, solid financial calculations, committing to results.

WCooliT builds on knowledge. In experiments and test set-ups knowledge is challenged and new knowledge, understanding and insights are obtained.

WCooliT, where possible, uses existing methods and techniques. Where these are missing or insufficient, WCooliT invents new ones or improves existing ones. WCooliT uses existing equipment wherever possible. Where the necessary equipment not exists or falls short, WCooliT invents, develops and produces new equipment or improves existing equipment.

WCooliT shares its knowledge, as sharing knowledge leads to better solutions and by sharing customers can convince themselves of the effect and value of WCooliT’s solutions. WCooliT shares knowledge by giving presentations and training and publishing articles, white papers, videos etc. either via third party platforms or WCooliT’s website.

New WCooliT solutions are tested in a “laboratory set-up” in which feasibility of the solution is proven prior to rollout. If circumstances demand and allow, this can also be done in a secure setup in a data center.

WCooliT provides solid financial calculation on the solution to be delivered. This transparently shows in advance what returns or savings are and what time span for return-on-investment will be. WCooliT really commits to the result. Because the value of a solution is leading for its customers, it is normal for WCooliT to make final price and payment moments dependent on interim and end results at customer’s location.