• SOLOdc

    Lease your scalable datacenter


All our innovations are housed in this scalable data center. Optimal control of energy is possible. But that is not the only advantage. You can start this data center small and expand it to an ever larger surface.

Features of SOLOdc

  • 30-50 racks
  • 90 kWatt – IT load
  • Own climate determination
  • More controllable temperature
  • Different cooling techniques possible –
  • including airflow, oil, adiabatic
  • Tier III (data center standardization)
  • Complies with certifications
  • HPC (high performance computer)
  • OPC (open platform communications computer)
  • Capacities in bytes
  • Capacity in cooling
  • Residual heat capacities
  • All-in maintenance SOLOdc
  • Each SOLOdc has its own identity
  • Furnishing as required by end customer
  • Moveable

Financial advantages SOLOdc

  • Scaleable – start small and expand
  • Leasable
  • Investment by step
  • Start with low investments
  • Investment by goal
  • Investment by location
  • Opex everything – hardware, software
  • Capex
  • Temporary deployment, expansion
  • Purchase possible under minimum tender limit
  • Subsidy
  • Costs per m2 are equal to the traditional data center