LEAP – Lower Energy Acceleration Program

WCooliT is an initiative partner in the LEAP project. We are convinced that there is still enough energy to be saved in data centers. That’s our business.

But first, more information about this progressive government project, in which parties from the entire data center chain work together.


The aim of LEAP is to use the potential of energy savings of ICT within data centers and thus accelerate the pace towards the sustainable digital economy. We want to offer perspective for using (new) techniques and accelerating developments that can lead to energy reduction with the help of ICT in organizations that have a lot of data traffic. To achieve this, cooperation with the entire chain is necessary. LEAP wants to join forces to make a difference.


With LEAP, we want to show that collaboration leads to energy savings. And that optimization of energy use offers room for growth. The intention is to make a difference with hardware manufacturers, business customers, IT administrators, data centers, government, knowledge institutions, startups and consumers.