• Mission

    …and how we work


WCoolIT pronounced as “We Cool IT”


We Cool IT: you and us

How do We work

So who is We? We is – you and us.

You having your specific Needs

Us to help you spell the Need and find the solution how to make IT Cooler.

We is also our partners, supplying DC solutions in all other aspects of the DC, like electrical or fire protection.

WCoolIT believes that today the need for just products has passed, solutions is the Need i.e. required.

For Datacentres this Need for solutions is more apparent than other businesses. The ever increasing dependency on IT in all aspects of our business and social life is directly translated into the Need for robustness in DC operations. Continuity 24/7 during the whole life of the DC is the deciding factor.

The complexity of all required systems, which makes a DC today, cannot be handled by just the DC operator. The DC operator is not given much time to learn all complex systems and their interactions by themselves. The DC operator whether they like or not, are dependent on Us. This is for all mission critical DC systems, not just cooling.

The mission of WCoolIT is to improve our understanding of the IT cooling process together with our clients and partners. Our combined better understanding and increased knowledge leads to better solutions for the clients. But even this is not enough.

WCoolIT believes that integration of functionality of all critical systems is the real need of the clients.

Their Need is comparable to that of the IPhone or similar: Integrate functionality for the client to lower the dependency of the required knowledge, experience and effort to run their DC continuously.

This is our approach to datacentres: so next to supplying the cooling solution to you we facilitate 24/7 online support to the DC operator for the length of the DC life.